Strengthen the Brain Body Connection


Movement Training for Fitness and Rehabilitation

iBalans develops exercise equipment and education for fitness and rehabilitation with a brain body approach to movement. We've designed our sensory engaging products based on the principles of neuromuscular science, to help you move better, recover faster, and improve your quality of life. Our inaugural product, the WAV Sensorimotor Trainer, is the first step in our mission to set the world into Mindful Motion. 


Train with the WAV

Get more connected, more out of your workout, more out of life. The WAV is a sensory based exercise bar designed to engage the neural pathways of the sensorimotor system for heightened proprioception and higher quality movement. Amplify traditional fitness training with the power of fluid motion and a neuro-integrative approach to movement training. Learn more about improving core stability, balance and posture with the WAV.


Recover with the WAV

Activate the neuromuscular system without compromising the stable ground conditions on which we move every day. Let the WAV’s dynamic stimulation of sensorimotor functionality help upregulate additional systems. Explore rehabilitation and corrective exercise with the WAV Sensorimotor Trainer.

Looking for a new approach to movement training?

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